The Woodie



Own a one-of-a-kind Chuck Miller original! This custom '47 Ford Woodie is Chuck's own personal car. He not only built this car with his own two hands, but he's also had the pleasure of driving it around town. Now he's offering up the chance for another lucky driver to take the wheel! Check out the pictures below to see the attention to detail Chuck has put into this stunning creation.

Facts and Figures on the 1947 Ford Woodie Station Wagon:

  • Stock 47 Ford frame with a 74 Chevy Nova sub frame.
  • Front suspension and brakes 74 Nova.
  • Steering box and column 74 Nova.
  • Rear end and brakes 74 Nova.
  • Front and rear wheels Center Line Star Billet.
  • Front and rear tires B.F. Goodrich.
  • Walker radiator with Quality Components A.C.

Body Modification:
Molded front fender seams, side moldings filled, parking lights filled and remounted behind grill, hood nosed, front bumper narrowed and bolt holes filled, tail lights relocated in rear window.


  • Seats are from a 89 Pontiac Grand Am.
  • Custom dash with 88 Chevy S-10 gauges and steering wheel.
  • Seat belts and shoulder belts in front, seat belts in rear.
  • Sherwood stereo with four concealed speakers.

Under The Hood:

  • Drive train engine is from a 92 G.M. small block 350.
  • Transmission is a 350 automatic.
  • Custom air cleaner.

Color is P.P.G. Creamsicle urethane and clear coat.
Price is $55,000 or best offer.


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