Chuck Miller

Looking back over my career, I am pleased to have had the opportunity to use my imagination and apply it to the cars I created.

I opened Styline Customs in River Rouge, MI in 1963. I was 20 years old at the time.

My accomplishments for the next 36 years include building the Fire Truck (1968 Riddler Award Winner), The Red Baron, The Zingers, Bugs Buggy and the Sonic Cuda to name a few.

Also, during that time I became involved with PPG. I mentored them in the procedure of how to apply pearlescent paint. PPG then took that information to their lab and soon after developed a process that would work on assembly line applications.

After a productive and satisfying career, I decided to pass the torch to my prote'ge', Mike Kieliszek. It was time for me to slow down and work on my own personal projects.

After retiring and moving, I created the Bunker Baron (a golf cart version of the Red Baron), a Detroit Red Wings golf cart, a customized 1957 BMW Isetta Taxi Cab named SLO-CAB-an acronym for Small Limo Orphan-Customer and Baggage.

Another one of my personal projects was to construct a Miller's Mobile Gas Station, three false storefronts-a bar, a bicycle shop and a movie theatre-to resemble a town from the 60's on the grounds of my home.

I have been honored with inductions into the Detroit Autorama Circle of Champions, Hall of Fame North at the St. Ignace Straits Area Antique Auto Show, Kustom Kemps of America Hall of Fame and Darryl Starbird's Hall of Fame. The most recent honors are to be chosen BUILDER OF THE YEAR at the Detroit Autorama 2010 and GUEST OF HONOR at the June, 2010 St. Ignace Area Antique Auto Show.

The pinnacle of my career was to be involved in an automotive biography of my life in custom cars and hot rods by a team of very special friends. I am proud of the fact that the book was written in Michigan and printed in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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